Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik

iOS - Configuration recommendation based on operating system-internal means for use at increased levels of security [English] v1.0

Datum 18.09.2013

Today, smartphones and tablet computers are used increasingly in the working environment and in many cases have become the most important tool for employees. Meanwhile there is an unimaginable number of devices running different operating systems. Smartphones and tablet computes running iOS, Android, or Windows Phone are intended more for the consumer market and less for business-related use, given their state-of-the-art, simple operating concepts. Therefore, they radically differ from other concepts of mobile terminal devices designed specifically for use in companies. Nevertheless, devices with iOS and Android are being used increasingly in the business environment and are replacing established solutions.
These configuration recommendations regarding iOS are intended to illustrate which operating system-internal means are available and how these contribute to increasing data security. Since the devices come from the consumer sector, the configuration settings are insufficient to protect business processes.

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